Professional Translation Services for Corporate Globalisation and Internationalisation

Wolfestone Deutschland provides professional language solutions to global brands and organisations; from translation, localisation and interpreting, to multilingual SEO, voiceovers and subtitles.


For high impact translation services, Wolfestone are your trusted partner. We are a specialist translation agency in Germany, working for international businesses. Through our high-quality translation services, we ensure that your messages reach your audiences in any market and that crucially they are understood, universally.


Through skilled translation we can produce common understanding of a text or document in over 220 languages and create content that communicates clearly with audiences and drives results.

Realise your goals on a global scale with accurate and professional translation services from Wolfestone Deutschland.

Language Services

Need your content to resonate? Wolfestone considers the cultural traditions and characteristics of your target markets.  


We are experts in localising everything from documents, manuals and websites, to videos and entire advertising campaigns.  


Companies can drive results by utilising our multilingual SEO services; for businesses with global audiences and international ambitions, across all industries.  

Multimedia Services

Wolfestone’s multimedia services collaborate with brands, organisations and agencies across all industries, every step of the way – creating content with industry-leading subtitles, voice overs, video translation, live captions and more.

Wolfestone is a professional translation agency providing language services to businesses and organisations, globally.

As part of the Wolfestone Group of companies, Wolfestone Deutschland is accredited by and chair the EUATC, the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies. Wolfestone also holds the independently verified international standards of ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015, guaranteeing professionalism and quality management. As well as this, Wolfestone is one of just a handful of Language Service Providers meeting stringent ISO27001:2013 standards, demonstrating the highest commitment to managing information security.

Transform your content to reach, grow and engage with your audiences, globally.  

Language Training Services

As one of the fastest growing language service providers, Wolfestone has developed the tools and education platforms to deliver highly impactful professional language training. From supporting corporate relocations to upskilling professionals, our language training services can help your organisation grow its global presence in the competitive international market.


In the globalised business landscape of today, is it essential that both international organisations and their employees are equipped with the linguistic and cultural knowledge they need to succeed.


That’s why we offer cutting-edge language and cross-cultural training for companies and professionals with ambitions for global success.

Whether you need to support an assignees with corporate relocations, or you simply want to upskill your employees with language courses; we have the tools to aid you.

Pricing options for budgets of any size

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing options accommodate every kind of project, from a basic Amazon listing to the roll-out of a comprehensive international marketing campaign. Find the best fit for your needs with our variety of professional translation service levels.

Robot - AI Icon


For larger volumes to be used for comprehension only


  • Machine Translation powered by cutting edge AI technology
  • Edited by a professional linguist
Clock - Rapid icon


Value for money and produced by a skilled and experienced translator


  • Knowledgeable translator
  • Standard Quality Assurance process
  • 1 review cycle
Paper plane - Basic icon


For a balance of price and quality for your business translations


  • Highly qualified translator
  • Terminology review
  • Inclusion of Project Management
  • Two client review cycles
Rocket ship - specialist icon


Drive decisions and inform opinions with business-critical translations


  • Specialist translator
  • Additional editing by a second linguist
  • Full Project Management
  • Advanced Quality Assurance and proof reading included
  • Three review cycle
Target - branded icon


Emotive brand impact and integrity with a multi-linguistic translation service


  • Multi-linguist editing
  • Specialist terminology research
  • Terminology management
  • On-brand messaging
  • Advanced QA including style
  • Unlimited review cycles
lightbulb - creative icon


Focused on conversion, our transcreation service is holistic and captures the emotion of your target audience

  • Specialist transcreator with sector-specific expertise
  • In—depth consultation
  • Unlimited editing and review cycles
  • Creative and conversion focussed content
  • High-performing copy
  • Advanced Quality Assurance including style and language

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