Multilingual SEO

What is multilingual SEO?

Wolfestone Deutschland’s multilingual SEO services can optimise websites in different language, ensuring reach and engagement in international markets.

About multilingual SEO

Multilingual or International SEO involves optimising a website for search beyond your company’s native language.  


Businesses need multilingual SEO to reach new markets in different countries, and this is done by optimising their websites for relevant keywords in the target language.  


It’s important these keywords are not simply direct German or English keyword translations, and that they take into account the nuances and intricacies of the language.  


Take for example global SaaS platforms, and the term SaaS itself; literal translations from English to another language just don’t work, even more so where there are acronyms in use. A seemingly universal term like CRM (Client Relationship Management) in French is defined as “gestion d’une base de données clients” yet translates as ‘gestion de la relation client’. It doesn’t scan or read as snappily as the original, but GRC is the widely used acronym.  


To understand this, specific knowledge and expertise is needed, or the skills of a multilingual SEO company.   

Beyond Website Translation

Multilingual SEO is more than just making search engine friendly copy on a website in the language of your target audiences. It also includes translating image tags and meta content, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising translation, and the involvement of specialist trained ‘search’ linguists. 


By undertaking multilingual SEO, businesses can expect to benefit from having the most relevant information for their target market, appearing in the most relevant search results, as well as achieving higher click through rates.    

Our multilingual SEO process

Whether you’re just about to create a new website in a foreign language or you have a current foreign site that’s not been optimised, Wolfestone can help.  We have a straightforward 4 step multilingual SEO process that lets us get to know our clients and deliver the best results:    
  1. There’s no point optimising your site for keywords that aren’t relevant to your product or service and then delivering traffic that won’t convert! So, we’ll block in some time to talk to you about your business. It’s important that our multi-language SEO experts understand your business well so that they find the right keywords for your site. One of our experts will talk to you about your business, your offerings, and your target audience so they’ve got a clear picture of what you do. If you’ve got English keywords already, you can provide them at this stage. 
  2. There’s no certainty that the keywords you use for your English site will be the same for a site in another language. This is where our multilingual SEO experts come into their own. We’ll carry out rigorous keyword research for your website. Rather than simply completing a translation, our native-speaking experts will use your English keywords as a foundation to underpin further learning. First, they will find relevant keywords in the target language, then they’ll take a forensic view to develop deeper keyword research to get a holistic group of keywords. 
  3. We’ll perform a quality check and run through these keywords with you. It’s important that the keywords we’ve found through our research have the correct intent for your searchers. One of our SEO experts will run through these with you to ensure they have the correct intent.   
  4. We’ll then get into the practical task at hand and translate and optimise your site. With the keywords approved ready for implementation, our SEO translation experts can begin to update your site. Your entire website will be translated and optimised with your agreed foreign language keywords. We’ll ensure that everything from the titles, menus, down to the image alt tags have been optimised for search, putting you in the best position for your international business to flourish. 

Do you need multilingual SEO?

Any organisation that wants to build a global audience needs to consider investing in multilingual and international SEO services.  

Just as optimising your German website for Search can help you reach potential German language customers, optimising your French site can help you reach French speakers searching for your product or service. It’s that simple.  

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Additional Multilingual SEO Services

Our expert team has worked on a huge number of projects from SMEs to multinationals, there’s no project too big or too small. Along with our multilingual SEO and keyword research for websites, we also offer: 

International SEO Services for E-commerce

If you’re taking your e-commerce businesses international, then we suggest considering multilingual SEO.


We’ve recently noticed a big uptick in e-commerce translation and search engine optimisation as our clients expand into new markets.


We optimise and translate any aspect of e-commerce sites. This includes, but is not limited to, optimising product descriptions, customer reviews, checkout processes and supporting documentation (such as FAQs and user documents).

PPC (Pay-per-click) Translation Services and Optimisation

Effective AdWords or PPC translation services seem simple enough to achieve. But is your target audience searching for your products or services using direct translations of your keyword? Or are the keywords entirely different in their language or culture?


Direct PPC translation can lead to the use of ineffective keywords, which results in a poor ads campaign, wasted spend, and missed opportunities. Instead, it’s worth investing in well-researched foreign keywords so you can create a multilingual PPC campaign that works.


Our specialists can provide you with PPC keywords that best target your audience.

We provide some of the most competitive translating and interpreting service rates in the translation industry.


We’d love to hear from you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.