Multimedia services

Multimedia Services

Industry leading subtitles, professional voice overs, translation and live captions.; Wolfestone Deutschland is an expert multimedia services provider, partnering with you to give global reach to your content.

About our multimedia services

As part of the Wolfestone Group, Wolfestone Deutschland offers bespoke language services for companies who want to harness the power of multimedia for growth, require the highest quality accessibility features to suit their market’s needs or who simply want to go global. 

We provide industry-leading subtitles, professional voice overs, video translation, live captions and other services to clients big and small, who are all truly partners in the process, every step of the way. We collaborate with you to reach each and every milestone to get your message right and to amplify it through accessible means.    

Our core Multimedia Services

Professional Voice Over Services

Our expert team can cut through the noise and find the perfect voice, customised to your project. We work with thousands of incredible voice talents covering over 200 languages. Need to source the perfect voice over for a TV or radio advertisement or for website video content? Refresh the friendly greeting on your self-service checkouts, or increase engagement on your eLearning platforms? Wolfestone Deutschland has access to the professional voice over talent you need. If you need cost effective audio content at short notice, AI voice overs could meet that need. The AI text-to-speech programme we use combines machine learning and authentic human tones to create concise British and American voice overs for your projects, on time and to budget.

Subtitling Services

With 85% of Facebook videos being watched without sound but with subtitles, professional subtitling services are the perfect way to enhance accessibility, SEO and social media engagement. Subtitling services are the most cost-efficient way of optimising your video content. Around 4 in 5 young people say they use subtitles all or at least part of the time they access online content, despite having fewer hearing difficulties than older audiences.

Live Captioning

Whether you’re planning a branded webinar, holding an in-person or virtual conference, or need to hold important video calls, professional live captions from Wolfestone Deutschland ensures your live events are fully accessible whilst maintaining clear, emphatic brand messaging. With services ranging from AI to human stenography live captioning is an accessible option to suit varied budgets.

Video Translation

With localised multilingual voice over or subtitling our best-in-class team can tailor your content to take your brand global. Reach international markets with impact and clarity with Wolfestone Deutschland’s video subtitling services.

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Wolfestone Deutschland’s transcription service converts spoken words, whether from a live event, in person, online or recorded, and brings those words into written content. Our transcription services are most frequently utilised for business, legal or medical cases. Transcription is often used in court hearings, criminal trials or in the medical sector in transferring recorded medical notes into a written record. Our ISO 27001 certification means your sensitive client data is in safe hands with Wolfestone Deutschland.


No matter what language or file format being worked with, Wolfestone Deutschland typesetting service can transform your content, making it clear, stylish and print ready. From short reports to large manifestos and everything crafted using DTP we focus on formatting and design requirements to make sure translated content is presented professionally.

Audio Description

Accessibility is essential to reach and serve customers in the most inclusive way possible. With our Audio Description services you can ensure your visual led content is available to all, whether this is video format, presentations or virtual experiences. Wolfestone is on hand with expert AD services.

Why trust Wolfestone Deutschland for Multimedia Services?

We're multimedia experts

Global blue-chip companies, leaders in their field, trust us with their projects. The likes of Google, Microsoft, the Open University; we’ve delivered wide ranging accessible content and events for them all.

We love collaboration

Our clients are guaranteed customer satisfaction by working closely with us. We will always work with you to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget. Our 99.5% customer satisfaction rate is proof of this.

We're versatile

We’re agile and adaptive, able to stay cutting edge and up to date. We have a deep understanding of the world of multimedia and we’re passionate about it. Our team works in over 220 languages, including many difficult-to-source language combinations.

We provide some of the most competitive translating and interpreting service rates in the translation industry.


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