Localization Services

Localisation Services

Localisation services from Wolfestone Deutschland will ensure your messages resonate in any locale to deliver global growth and brand credibility.

About our localisation services

While a standard translation transforms words into another language, Wolfestone Deutschland’s localisation service adapts your idea, product or service to meet the needs of a specific locale, to guarantee that it connects with your target audience, in your target market.  Localizing services will consider the cultural traditions and characteristics of your audience for successful market penetration and expansionIt’s crucial your content resonates. Localisation takes your content and makes it region specific and accurately adapted from locale to locale. Wolfestone Deutschland are experts in localizing everything from individual documents to websites, videos and entire advertising campaigns.  

Localisation isn’t just reflecting the correct currency on your webshop or marketing materials, it isn’t just about appropriately using US English instead of UK English; it’s about carefully considering the traditions, superstitions and local culture of your audience and delivering your content in a way that suits these cultures. Regardless of what content you are producing and no matter what audience you are looking to engage, localisation is key to succeeding in international markets.   

Localisation is more than just translation

Translated text, the movement of words from one language into another, isn’t enough to make regionalised strategies land in new territories. Localisation, including consideration of cultural nuances in your target market, has the power to transform your chances of success. Localisation can also include ensuring the use of images that will resonate across content. Texts can be checked to make sure cultural subtleties are noted, that jokes or proverbs have the right impact and that you receive a final polished product that meets your needs.   

What about colour? 

Whilst some of the considerations of localisation are fairly straightforward would you ever consider colour to be something to be explored? A localisation company would.  

It’s essential you understand how prospective customers in your target markets relate to your brand’s use of colour. Take the colour red as an example; 

In China, red is the symbol of fire and the south. It carries a generally positive connotation, being associated with courage, fortune, honour and success. In Japan it’s a traditional colour for a heroic figure. Move to the Indian subcontinent and it’s associated with bridal dresses and is widely used in the media as a symbolic colour for married women. Warriors in central Africa rub themselves with red paint during celebrations. Their culture reflects that the colour is a symbol of life and health, so much so that sick people are painted with it. Look towards other parts of Africa and red is a colour representing death and mourning. From all of this it’s clear to see that localisation and cultural nuances are important factors to include when developing international materials and content.   

No matter what content you’re producing and no matter the audience you wish to speak to, localisation is key to succeeding in international markets. 

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Types of Localisation projects

Wolfestone Deutschland has worked on localisation projects for global companies and SMEs and are skilled in localizing individual documents through to entire marketing and advertising campaigns.  

Website Localisation Services

Website localisation is a rewarding yet complex task when done properly. It’s not as simple as using a plugin and machine translation just won’t suffice. 72.1% of consumers spend most or all of their time on websites in their own language and 72.4% say they would be more likely to spend money on websites with information in their own language. Website translation and localisation is essential to meet this need and reach customers comfortably in the language they wish to use.

Software Localisation Services

Software localisation looks to solve the problems of poor UX, design and functionality of programmes. It addresses counterintuitive design and confusing instructions and is more than just translating from one language to another. It ensures that buttons and fonts are clear and easy to use in their new language. It’s clear to see that software localisation is a larger problem than it first appears. Wolfestone Deutschland can provide you with the results you need. Get in touch today.

Multimedia Localisation

Wolfestone Deutschland provides a range of services for your multimedia content localisation needs. From voice overs to subtitling and video we can provide additional localisation services for multimedia projects.

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